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Cap'N Crowns is an annual event dedicated to celebrating women empowerment through education. Each year we celebrate the hardwork, passion, and dedication demonstrated by young women of all ages and stages of life. 

We are busy planning our 2021 Cap N Crowns. This will be our 5th year! Please email us at, with your name, school, and graduation date.

If you would like to attend Cap N Crowns as a guest, please RSVP once we shared the link.


The Inspiration

It was an ordinary day when Bilikiz Adebayo (Billy) and Sheneya (Shay) were on the phone discussing how they wanted to impact their community. It was a topic they talked about so often that their lack of action started to bother them. “Sheneya! I had an idea the other day! We should have an event called Cap and Crowns to celebrate graduates. You get it? Like Cap and Gowns but instead a Crown!” And just like that, in a matter of 30 minutes Shay and Billy had comprised an entire event that would soon after became the 1st Annual Cap’n Crowns Graduation Celebration.

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